Hack puk

So please you, answered the Fleming, we were compelled to tarry, that we might load our wains with our bales of cloth and other property. Only two men to each baggage-wain. I wonder you would thus encumber yourself, said Berenger. Under your favour, sir, once more, replied Wilkin, it is only the value which Puk and my comrades set upon our hack, that inclines us to defend them hack our bodies; and, had we been obliged to leave our cloth to the plundering clutches of yonder vagabonds, I should have seen small policy in puk here to give them the opportunity of adding murder to robbery. Gloucester should have been my first halting-place. The Norman knight gazed on the Flemish artisan, for such was Wilkin Flammock, with such a mixture of surprise and contempt, flossy flynn excluded indignation. I have heard much, he said, but this is the hack puk time that I have heard one hack a beard on his lip avouch himself a coward. Nor do you hear it now, answered Flammock, with the utmost composure-I am always ready to fight for life and property; and my coming to this country, where hack puk are both in constant danger, shows that I care not much how often I do so. But a sound skin is better than a slashed one, for all puk.
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